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  • Home Page shows under construction still

    Question: Home Page shows under construction still
    when I go to my homepage it still shows underconstruction with the WahmShoppes logo, how can I fix this?

    Solution: That would be the default homepage the store created when you installed it, there are a few things you can do.

    1) Redircet from this page straight to the store.
    2) Modify that page with your own logo and text
    3) create an advanced template to as the homepage.

    Each of these choices can be found in the Configuration button, then at the top in the Wb Site Homepage section.

    To redirect to store choose the radio button "Redirect to Store" and save changes.

    To modify the existing homepage click the Settings link next to the Basic radio button. make your changes to the page, then when your done select the Basic radio button and save changes.

    To use the Advanced you need to have a good understanding of html, the advanced is a good option for those that use the mode 4.


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