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Changing my nameservers.
ID: 61 Category: General Hosting Questions Status: Resolved Views: 5468

I'm ready to change my nameservers to yours. The place I was hosting at did the domain registration for me. My question is what happens to the domain name registration that they also did for me? Should I cancel everything?

Ok here's the poop.
First DO NOT cancel the domain name registration with them, only cancel the hosting part. But with that is a few things to keep in mind.

1) if they did the registration and they are not an accredited registrar when the smoke clears of switching hosts do a transfer of the domain name to an accredited registrar such as Godaddy.com, names4ever.com, enom.com etc.

2) transfers of domain names can generally NOT be preformed within a certain time frame of the renewal date of the name, nor can it be transferred within a certain time frame of it being first registered. That time frame is at the discretion of the registrar but typically 30 to 60 days of expiration or 30 to 60 days after the name is first registered or transferred.

3) Be sure the name is registered in your name, some hosting companies play games like include a domain name in their fee's and spout ďIncludes a domain name registrationĒ. Sometimes that name belongs to them so to speak and they may or may not give it up.

4) There are typically more than one company involved with your online business.† To break that down for you these on the short side are the entities involved.
A) The registrar (where the name is actually registered at)
B) The Hosting Company (where your files are stored so folks can surf them)
C) The web site proprietor (You)

Each of those companies have a specific role to play, but some combine things together. Examples of that would be Like WahmShoppes, I'm a hosting company. That is my specialty, but to help folks I will register domain names for them. That does not make me a registrar I'm basically like other hosting companies such as Yahoo we are resellers of domain names for other registrars, where as we do operate our own web servers, we do not maintain the domain name with the global registry. I use a company called names4ever to register the names through. Yahoo uses MELBOURNE IT, LTD. D/B/A INTERNET NAMES WORLDWIDE an Australian registrar.
Others use different registrars. If you do a whois on your name and see that the registrar is TUCOWS, then your name will need to be managed by the reseller you got the name from, TUCOWS does not deal directly with the public, only through resellers. Another example would be some registrars also offer hosting, such as godaddy.com. Now with that remember there are specialties, where as they may be a great registrar and I recommend them always, the same may not hold true for their hosting. Even some hosts have specialties such as WahmShoppes, my specialty is in eCommerce i.e FeatureCart

Now with using a reseller of domain names comes a couple of other sinerios: Even though the name may have been registered in your name, you may not be able to directly make changes like the nameservers and such. This would be because even though the name is registered to you and itís in your name and such, the reseller is the one responsible for the registration and the renewals and such. So when it comes to that the money end always talks.

It is my opinion that all names should be registered at an accredited registrar like godaddy.com, enom, names4ever.com etc by you. But as with anything new there are questions and non understandings about how the internet works, which is why I do registrations. This helps the new comer to get started with at least a few problems pre-resolved. However at anytime anyone can transfer their domain name from my reseller (partner) account to a different registrar, that is as long as their account isnít delinquent.

Donít confuse reselling of domain names with reselling of web space. Resellers of web space, thatís a whole other topic. If you got a name through one of those it may present other issues.

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Submitted: 1/12/2006 Modified: 1/12/2006

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