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How do I forward my emails to my ISP email address?
ID: 5 Category: Email Support Status: Resolved Views: 8261

I would like to forward my emails to a different email address how do I do that?

There are two types of forwarding of your emails.

1. **Preferred method** Forward without a copy in this email server.

2. Forward and leave a copy in this email server.

***This is a very important section please read!!

If you plan to forward your mail please be aware that if you use option
2 our emails will remain here and affect your disk space usage. If you
do choose to store your mails here, you "MUST" periodically login to
your web mail and clean it out or we will be forced to either change
the forward type and delete all mails up here, or we will periodically
and indiscriminately delete your stored emails. The email server is NOT
a storage facility and we will not guaranty the longevity of your saved
mails. Your computer is your storage container for important documents
not an email server. Web mail is an option we choose to supply please
do not abuse it.

To Forward without a copy saved in the email server **Preferred method**

Choose the account you wish to forward then click the "Mailbox" tab at
the top, then click the "Remote Address" radio button and supply the
email address you wish to forward to in the box next to the "Remote
address". Click OK to save.

To forward and leave a copy:

while your adding or editing an email account simply choose the account
you wish to forward and supply the email address you wish to forward to
in the "Forward to" box on the "User" tab and click OK to save.

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Submitted: 12/17/2005 Modified: 12/17/2005

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