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my host controller (admin) page is coming up blank
ID: 2111 Category: FeatureCart eStore Support Status: Resolved Views: 3911

help, i just logged into my admin page and it is coming up blank

sometimes the cookie session on your host controller/admin page has expired and the page comes up blank

to resolve first make sure any pop up blockers are turned off, then instead of typing www.yourdomain.com/admin type in www.yourdomain.com/admin/main.asp

(replace yourdomain with your actual domain)

it will bring up a page with a lock graphic that says that your cookie session has expired.

you do not have any pop up blockers on your computer then a little box
with a login and password will also show in the upper left. login there.

now next time you login you can use the www.yourdomain.com/admin login

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Submitted: 5/6/2009 Modified: 5/6/2009

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