How do I add another web site to my account?
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I have a website with you and I'd like to add another. How do I do that?

To add a new account, even though it's an upgrade to your account I still need record of it.
So what you need to do is sign it up as if it's a new account (new username and password as well) specify the domain name and wheather you need me to register it or not. Also put in the comment that it's an upgrade to your existing account.

Do the signup pay and all the good stuff. When I setup the site I will combine the billing accounts into one and move the payment to the one account, I will also change the billing to reflect the new plan. The next invoice would go out reflecting the new plan and will also reflect the payment made.

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Submitted: 2/17/2006

Modified: 2/17/2006 12:02:58 PM

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