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I get a Page not found error What's up?
ID: 2 Category: FeatureCart eStore Support Status: Resolved Views: 9781


When my customers try to checkout they get a page not found error, I'm getting the same thing what could the problem be?


[--- UPDATED: 4/15/2006 1:19:23 AM BY AGENT: Tony Mak... ---]

There are several things that can cause this.
A few are:
1) could be your shipping setup.
2) improper information entered during registration.
3) I've see folks take the Fax number and change it to something like 'How did you Find us?' type question, That will cause problems as the Fax Field is designed to take 20 characters. if someone puts in more than 20 an error will happen

But To find the real error do this:
in your browser do this:
Go to the Tools | Internet options | advanced tab.
where it says "Show Friendly HTTP errors" and remove the check from the
box. Save the changes and then repeat what you were doing to get the
error. This will show you the actual error that is occurring so you can
report it to me to be fixed.

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Submitted: 12/17/2005 Modified: 4/15/2006

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